An Easy Way To Take Care Of Your Laptop

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Have you ever thought that your laptop needs service? Or maybe you have thought of a way to keep your laptop in good condition. So we will share with you some tips for you to take care of your laptop.

Compared to desktops, laptops are arguably easier to repair, and the cost of repairing them is more expensive.


  • Keep your battery cool


The lithium batteries currently in use do not last long, but you can delay this problem. Avoid heat and use the battery as much as possible, if you are using a charger, it is best to remove the battery while using the laptop.


  • Avoid eating and drinking near laptops


Every electronic item is water-sensitive, and if water is spilled, it can damage the keyboard and, worst of all, damage your motherboard. Food can invite unexpected guests; ants.


  • Use a suitable laptop bag


Laptops are also sensitive to impact, so with the right bag, in the event of an accident, your laptop is still in good condition.


  • Clean your laptop keyboard


If your keyboard keys have begun to be difficult to press, or are stuck, it is time to clean up the dust on the keyboard. Use compressed water to clean your keyboard.


  • Clean your laptop screen


If your screen is starting to blur, take a microfibre cloth, and wipe it on your screen, until all the dirt is gone. If that doesn’t work, wet a little cloth with a glass cleaner, and wipe your laptop screen.

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