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Why should you invest in roof ventilation?

When it comes to keeping homes comfortable, roof ventilation  isn’t always the first thing to come to mind. But a well ventilated roof helps maintain a healthy climate throughout the rest of the home. This is particularly evident in Summer when the temperature inside the roof cavity can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius. The heat radiates through the house until someone decides to turn up the air conditioner. This might bring the temperature down but it sends the energy costs soaring. Cooling the roof using ventilation keeps the rest of the home cool and reduces the load on the air conditioner.

Ventilation also combats the build up of moisture and prevents mould growth. Moisture can build up in the roof cavity in a few ways. In Winter, warm air might cause condensation when it rises and gets trapped in the roof. It might also come through an exhaust system somewhere in the house. If you currently have an exhaust fan from the bathroom or kitchen pushing moist air into the ceiling, you need to consider your ventilation requirements. It might even be a good idea to add ducting from exhaust fans to the outside of the building.

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