Why is it important to test your eyes?

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Regardless of physical condition or age, it is important to have an annual eye examination to identify eye problems before continuing. This gives you the best chance to improve or prevent the condition from worsening.

The ophthalmologist tests your vision to determine the strength needed by glasses and checks for common eye diseases, assesses how the eyes work together and evaluates your eyes as an indicator of overall health.

Eye and age examination

When we are young or in good physical condition, we tend to neglect our eye health checks. However, it becomes a problem because eye problems are present at any age or when fit.

Children must undergo regular eye examinations, because disturbed vision can affect learning ability and grow academically and socially. Children now start using digital devices before starting to walk. The extensive use of this screen causes eye strain or fatigue, which affects the child’s vision.

There is a close correlation between the use of digital devices and a significant increase in children’s myopia in the world. Making eye examinations for children is important to identify and treat vision as soon as they appear. While eye scanning is very helpful for identifying children who already have myopia, it is not sensitive enough to identify all conditions and diseases, which can affect your child’s learning during formative years.

As we get older, regular eye examinations are very important because adults are vulnerable to diseases that can cause blindness or other eye-related problems. An eye examination can easily identify common causes of blindness such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. The incidence of this condition increases significantly with age. Vision loss can often be prevented or reduced by early detection from regular eye examinations.

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