5 Good treatment of domestic helpers

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Treating workers well can make these workers feel comfortable and comfortable when working in your home.

Here are 5 good treatment of domestic servants who need to be considered by an employer:

1. Treat domestic servants well and politely

Domestic helpers are also the same as other humans, who always want to be treated well and politely by everyone. Therefore, treat domestic help as you would like others to treat you. Do not discriminate even if the worker is only a maid.

2. Give food to housemaids as we eat

It is proper for an employer to give food to a housemaid as he eats, because they are the ones who have been struggling to cook the food. At the very least, you can separate food for domestic workers.

3. Treat domestic servants like your own family

Treat them with respect like your own family, give them a proper place. Do not sleep until we sleep in a soft bed while the maid only sleeps on a mat. Give the needs that are needed by workers such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and so on.

4. Helpers are also humans like us

Give domestic help time to rest, because they are not machines that can work 24 hours non-stop. They are also human just like us who need enough rest time, so they can come back fresh when doing work. Allow enough time for the worker to rest.

5. Pay their salaries on time

Never delay paying the salary of a maid, because that is their right. Paying salaries on time is a must for every employer, because by giving salaries on time to workers, the employee will be enthusiastic about returning to work.

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