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5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Photographer For A Wedding

One of the important aspects of modern day marriage is wedding photography. This is to record historical events in the bride’s life as memories of the future. Sometimes this aspect is not so much emphasized by the bride and groom. There may be distinct reasons. However, try to think – large expenses have been spent on the payment of beautiful couches, buying or renting expensive clothes, buying beautiful decorations for the bridal room, home decor and so on, hiring a professional makeup artist for a fee of not less than RM300-400 once makeup – but in the end the stored memory is not as beautiful as the real one because of the meager picture results.

Why should you hire a professional and experienced photographer? What added value can they provide?

  1. They have been skilled and experienced extensively with the intricacies and also the flow of the wedding ceremony. So they are always ready to record the moments that are about to happen. Their experience makes their instinct in a ceremony sharper.
  2. Be an informal advisor – there are times when the host does not know much about the wedding ceremony. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes they know but in the hustle and bustle of a ceremony some people overlook the aspects of the wedding ceremony. For example, the position of the bride should always be to the left of the groom. In the event of an unforeseen error, an experienced photographer will be more alert and be able to correct this error.
  3. The couch is beautiful glittering but the lighting is just focused on the couch. Finally the bride’s face is dark. I usually see cases like this, right? Indeed, most of the couches I saw were only focused on the throne itself (background) and this resulted in a backlighting effect. Professional photographers will be able to overcome this problem with the lighting equipment they have. Try asking your photographer if they have brought off camera lighting such as a strobe or studio light. Usually this complete package with off camera light is of course more expensive but it is worth it because the result of the picture is really beautiful. Why is it expensive? Because additional equipment is needed. An assistant photographer is also needed to carry, maintain and operate this equipment.
  4. Where are you going outdoors? This is a question that often arises when wanting to hold an outdoor photography session after the ceremony. Usually a professional and experienced photographer will know where a beautiful and suitable place is. Not only that, they also know the location for parking.
  5. Want beautiful outdoor photos. Many people do not know that taking outdoor pictures is much harder than indoor. Why? Is not outside the light brighter and the picture is certainly brighter. I used to think so. But only after being involved in this field did I know that outdoor pictures are more difficult. You need to balance the ambient light with the flash light. You also need to know how to control and use the backlight from the sun. There are photographers using additional lighting such as strobe and these packages are usually more expensive.

Whatever is up to you. Find a photographer as best you can. Examine their portfolio to ensure the best pictures can be produced. Hope your event goes smoothly and the memory will be stored in the form of beautiful photos.

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