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How to avoid a maid running away?

  1. Employers and families need to be aware and willing to accept the presence of foreign maids into their families. The employer is like the chief who will receive a new employee who reports and you have to be prepared.
  2. Get to know and know the background of the newly arrived maid. briefly describe the purpose for which they are working and the tasks assigned to them. it is necessary to specify the specific family rules of the employer that they must adhere to. This should be emphasized from the beginning of their acceptance into the employer’s home.
  3. Religious employers of Islam should express their responsibilities in religious matters such as praying and closing their genitals. please make sure they have the appropriate work clothes. try to educate them especially about prayer and reciting the Quran.
  4. Allow maids to contact their families before they need work so they can focus more on their daily tasks.
  5. Make sure you have enough food / drinks for the maid. The employer always expects the maid to act like she is at home. On the other hand, maids in the early stages will feel reluctant to eat even more with the presence of their employer. Ask if the maid has not eaten and tell them to eat and rest on time.
  6. Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. It is important for them to carry out their tasks to avoid getting tired and sleepy during the day.
  7. If the maid is ill please make sure they get treatment right away. They have to get insurance coverage because medical expenses at government hospitals are high.
  8. The basic needs of women should be provided by employers such as women’s towels, shampoos, soaps, toothpaste and other related items.
  9. If something goes wrong the maid refuses to listen and raise her voice instead of giving guidance and guidance in a prudent way. Sensitive assistants will control the taste. Maids are ordinary people who have feelings and need to be respected.

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