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Listed below are the types of products that include pastry / pastries, including the following:

  1. Bakery
    Including the part of the patisserie consisting of bread, pastries, and cakes. Bread products are made using different ingredients such as flour, fat, sugar, eggs, salt, and liquid (water or milk).
  2. Yeast product
    Is a pastry that uses yeast as a developer. The most commonly used developer materials there are two types, namely, yeast (yeast) as well as chemical agents (chemical blowing agents) such as baking powder, baking soda. For example: apem, surabi, cupcakes, bika ambon.
  3. Breads
    is a term for various / types of bread, for example, such as bread, French bread, German bread, and others. 4 The main ingredients in making bread are very simple, including flour, water, salt and yeast.
  4. breadQuick
    is a quick bread with a relatively short process. quick bread is a good solution in serving fast bread and also practical.
  5. Formula type
    on the cake there are two high fat and also low fat cake. Currently there are five methods for making the creaming method, the two-stage method (high fat cake), the sponge method, food angels and also the chiffon method (low-fat cake).
  6. Cookies
    is a small sweet cake made from dough – small, solid and liquid and also tends to have long-lasting properties. The technical preparation and handling of the dough is divided into six (6) parts.
  7. Type of dough

This pastry is known as a paste made from a mixture of flour, liquid and fat. Basically there are two groups of dough namely, hard dough and soft dough. The group consists of hard puff pastry dough, Danish and croissants, strudel, short pasta. While the soft dough group consisting of choux paste.

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