Easy Tips To Become The Certified Photographer

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Have you ever thought about translating your ambition into a rewarding career?

It can sound frightening at first, but I can assure you that becoming a photographer is the best career in the world.

It happened to me, of course, when I discovered photography while doing my BA in Journalism back in 1996.

I became a photojournalist, and after that, I tried all kinds of other possibilities, including teaching photography that I really enjoy.

I have prepared a list of a few basic steps to help you turn your dream into reality.


There’s no way around it: you’ve got to master photography from scratch.

You ought to get a solid knowledge of the fundamentals

Knowing your camera and the principles of photography (that works with any camera) will give you the courage to rise.

You’re going to be ready when:

  • You are at ease shooting the Manual Exposure Mode.
  • The principles of ISO, shutter-speed and aperture are in your head.
  • You keep your camera as part of your body
  • You know where the settings are and which buttons you need to press to change them.

Another factor that has to be automatic is the framing and the composition.

Training the eye to see through the viewfinder is a continuing task. It’s got to be finished even though you don’t have a camera on you.


An interesting thing about photography is the diversity of occupations that it can bring.

From the following:

  • Pick up the events,
  • Nice news,
  • Unfair editorial
  • Punishment and advertisement
  • affirmative to investigative,
  • Approximately science,
  • No documentary
  • PARITY and Contemporary.

Getting a camera and learning how to use it will open up a range of possibilities, like integrating it with your existing career.

But even though you want to be “just” a photographer, you need to consider what type of photographer you’re going to be. Commit in how to “test” where your interest is.

It can be revealing and surprising to find an area that you never knew you would want.


It’s easier to settle on a field after playing with a few alternatives, because when you do, it’s going to provide guidance to everything else:

  • from the facilities that you need to get
  • Practical on the sort of marketing you’re going to concentrate on.

When you decide your area, specialize in studying and practice a lot. Whether it’s a true hobby, it’ll be the best part of it.

There’s still something new to discover about photography.

Technology is changing too rapidly that it’s a struggle to keep yourself up to date.

There are also timeless principles for any field that never alter. Get to the essence and practice, practice, practice.

4 – Create A Solid PORTFOLIO

Forget about your CV.

From now on, invest in creating a good photo portfolio. What truly gets you to work is what people see in your portfolio.

There are many strategies to define what pictures you need to use in your portfolio, the most important of which is “less is more.”

Eight or maybe a dozen pictures are going to be enough. Image editors don’t have patience to see anything other than that.

A couple who plan to take a wedding photographer don’t want to see your whole career, even the photos you took at the wedding studio.

It can be a great struggle to pick the pictures you’re going to show as an example of what you can do, and it’s a smart idea to ask for advice.

A career coaching workshop or a one-to-one technical coaching workshop may be useful to steer you in the right direction.

When we pick our own pictures, we may get attached to their emotions.

Professionals are able to see and evaluate clearly and also show things that you haven’t thought about before.

Another important option is how you show your photos. Is there going to be a box of prints? A gallery or a movie on your iPad?

Nowadays, there are hundreds of opportunities to highlight your work, and depending on the customers you choose to attract, the way you do it will make a difference.

5 – Make a WEBSITE

Long gone is the day when printing a few business cards was all you wanted to start marketing your business.

By all means of a business card, but also recommend getting a website with your photo portfolio and your contact info.

Buying a domain is the first move, and if you’re fortunate enough to find your name and surname.com, have it right now.

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