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How to Choose a Maid?

Here tips how to choose a maid:

  1. Make sure your goal or purpose is to get the maid services malaysia – to care for a child / baby or children who can be self-reliant. It’s possible to keep a baby choosing a maid who has a family and has a child and it is not too old for them.
  2. Most philippines maid malaysia who are willing to take care of sick family members are in the age of 35 years and above.
  3. The maid’s experience is also important. For a time-consuming employer and perhaps already providing the modules for their maids, a freshie assistant is appropriate.
  4. There are employers who prefer to have assistants who already have work experience with the reason that the assistant is clever and knows their duties and responsibilities.
  5. Whatever the employer’s choice one thing to keep in mind is that the maid we serve is just HELPING the employer to care for the children and to manage the home during the absence of an employer at home
  6. It is not wise if the employer handed over the task of caring for the children entirely to the maid. Their social backgrounds that are very different to us and their minimal level of education will not allow the maid to fulfill our dreams in educating the children. If they are able then it is a bonus to the employer.

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