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Preservation and maintenance air compressor

Air compressor equipment problems often focus on oil circulation systems, gas circulation systems, water circulation systems, and other systems. Therefore, this section briefly reviews these systems and proposes appropriate maintenance steps.

  1. Maintenance of oil circulation system

Before the air compressor is put into use, it is necessary to test each system to ensure normal operation of the air compressor. The air compressor oil circulation system provides the lubricant needed for the operation of each component of the air compressor. Therefore, normal operation of the air compressor oil system can reduce the wear resistance between the devices, thus increasing the life of the air compressor service. In the process of maintenance and repair of air compressors, the first is the inspection and daily maintenance of the oil circulation system. The purpose of this work is to ensure that the various components in the air compressor have good lubrication and avoid excessive production. Wear it and lose it. Maintenance personnel should check the level of lubrication of various parts in the air compressor. If there is insufficient lubrication, the lubricant should be added on time to ensure a balance between the temperature and the oil pressure in the air compressor to prevent excessive wear and tear of the lubricant.

2.  Maintenance of pneumatic circuit systems

Gas circulation systems primarily refer to systems that suck and compress air. In this system, the compressed air needs to be cooled and cooled to avoid unstable air compressor operation due to excessive temperature. Therefore, it is also a core compressor core system. Whether the gas circulation system can function is stable depending on whether the air compressor can normally compress the air. Therefore, maintenance of pneumatic circuits is very important. When examining the pneumatic circulation system, make sure that the various components of the circulation system are normal, and focus on checking whether the gas will dim in the circulation system. Once this problem has occurred, the full suspension check valve needs to be installed.

3. Maintenance of water circulation system

A large amount of heat is generated during equipment operation. Heat causes the gas temperature to be compressed and the device increases due to radiation, flow, and so on. Therefore, the normal operation of the water circulation system can effectively reduce the temperature of compressed gas and each device, and ensure that the compressor operates at the proper temperature. Water circulation systems mainly play the role of compressed gas cooling. For the maintenance work of this system, it is necessary to focus on cooling time problems to ensure that the water circulation system can operate normally in the air compressor and play a role. Maintenance of the water circulation system is an important part of air compressor maintenance work. It should maintain a normal and stable water circulation system, to avoid problems such as explosion, short circuit or power failure due to excessive air compressor temperature.

4. Maintenance steps for common errors

  • The air compressor has insufficient exhaust. The amount of exhaust gas greatly affects the efficiency of the air compressor operation. Therefore, if the air compressor has insufficient exhaust gas problem, first of all, it is possible to replace the damaged or cracked parts, then inspect and clean the air muffler, and finally add oil in the cylinder to keep the oil level in the oil level cylinder. More than a third.
  • The compressor air cooling system is damaged. If there is a problem with the compressor air conditioning system, it is usually caused by fouling in the cooling system or the air entering the cooling system. In response to this problem, air can be prevented from entering by installing a sheath on a water meter, or a cold core may be replaced regularly to prevent contamination and to ensure normal operation of the cooling system.
  • Compressor air tension problem. If the air compressor has a problem with the lowering of the air valve, the valve plate and valve plate operation is performed. Finally, we must actively carry out the operation of removing carbon deposits, or opting to control the electrostatic plastic pipes produced by carbon deposition, effectively improving the purity of the air compressor and preventing any errors.
  • Air compressor oils need to be replaced over time. The quality of the lubricant affects the operation of the air compressor. Therefore, after the air compressor is put into operation, the lubricant can be replaced every 6000-7000 hours, which can greatly improve the quality of the lubricant. Overall, maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of the various components of the air compressor is an effective maintenance step to ensure normal operation of the air compressor. In addition, it is sufficient to ensure the internal volume of the air compressor, improve maintenance and inspection of the air compressor, and ensure that the air compressor plays a good role.
  • The use and maintenance of air compressors is inseparable from scientific and sound management systems. Effective use of standard methods can prevent unnecessary failure of air compressors, and the scientific and perfect management system can find the problem of the air compressor itself for the first time, while at the same time enabling management and maintenance staff to adopt effective methods over time. This prevents the deterioration of the problem. In particular, after installation of the air compressor, the air compressor production unit must provide training for the use of the equipment for a period of time, thus increasing the operator’s skill level using the air compressor. And let equipment operators and equipment maintenance staff use the unit to have a clear understanding of the various components of the air compressor. This ensures good air compressor operation during subsequent use and maintenance.

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