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To become a skilled SEO writer, it’s important to note the slight differences in writing SEO articles compared to other types. Prior to writing, essential steps must be taken to ensure each piece aims to drive significant traffic to your website. Implement the following tips to excel in SEO writing.

Before diving into article creation, familiarize yourself with 9 essential steps to boost website traffic, so let’s jump right into the article.

  • Keyword Research is an Obligation

Keywords will be a signal for search engine robots to notice your content. Of course, this is what you want as an SEO writer.

You can find out what keywords you will use in writing content, if possible, make a keyword spreadsheet to make your work easier. There are several tools that you can use such as Semrush,, and others which are available for free.

  • Take advantage of your keyword research results

Don’t just put keywords in the content, let alone force keywords into the content. It can make your content look strange to both humans and machines.

You can use keywords in title tags, even H1 or H2 though. Although it is not an obligation. You can also put your keywords in the first paragraph, or several places in your content. But make sure you don’t do keyword stuffing.

  • Write Something Relevant

Relevant writing will be sought after by many people. Give value to readers through your writing. You are not only writing for search engines but for the benefit of humans too.

The possibility of getting your comments or content shared will be even higher. Which will also increase the referral link to your website.

  • Understand the Basics of Technical SEO

Sometimes understanding keywords is not enough, there are times when technical SEO is important to use. But that doesn’t mean you have to understand the ins and outs of this, knowing a few things about technical SEO will really help you going forward.

One of the things you can understand is how search engines crawl your website and pages so that when writing content for pages, you can optimize your writing so easily.

  • Create Enough “Lots” of Content

Search engines prioritize extensive content for valid reasons. It is advisable to generate content comprising a minimum of 500 words, and even more advantageous if it surpasses several thousand words.

Extensive content is frequently linked to comprehensive information, which search engines highly appreciate. Nevertheless, it is essential to avoid the pitfall of producing lengthy content that lacks quality. Instead, strive to create content that is both substantial in length and valuable for internet users.

  • Analytics is Important

Monitor every content that you create, some important points that you can pay attention to are time on site, bounce rate, and pages per session.

If your content consistently experiences a high bounce rate, it indicates that there is something driving readers away from your content. By identifying and addressing the underlying issues promptly, you can make swift improvements or enhance the quality of your future content.

  • Edit Your Work

An aesthetic and easy-to-read writing format holds significant influence. It is crucial to consider paragraph length, as well as avoiding convoluted sentences or unnecessary repetition.

To assess and enhance your work, various programs are available. Examples include Google Docs and plugins like Yoast, which analyze your writing and provide suggestions for improvement.

Seeking feedback from others on your writing results can also serve as a valuable reference for editing purposes.

  • Be Your Own Online PR Agency

Make sure you share your content after publishing it. Get on social media and promote your content. Social media can be your best friend for promoting your written content.

  • Everything needs time

Becoming a professional SEO writer definitely takes quite a long time. You cannot become a professional in a short amount of time, there are many processes that must be passed in order to become a professional. Repeat and grind, is commonplace in the process of becoming a professional SEO writer.

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