Wedding Ceremony Preparation Tips

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Once all the wedding preparations are complete, now is your wedding day. On this day everything planned in advance needs to be implemented and ensure it runs smoothly. Of course you as a bride do not have to do all the work and work, instead distribute to the officers you have appointed before. Put your trust in them in handling your wedding. You just have to calm down and smile a lot. During a wedding, you may go through the following:

At the beginning of the wedding day

Please get up early in the morning. Today is your important day. Perform prayers and circumcision baths so that your body is fresh. Fragrance the body with a suitable aroma. This will help your ‘mood’ and feelings to face this special day. Do not neglect breakfast, worry later you will be uncomfortable because the stomach twists hunger. Check the wedding dress and accessories to be worn later, make sure everything is available and in good condition. Make up and change your clothes. If there is an opportunity, you can take a photo solo or with your partner. It is also possible if there are relatives who want to interrupt.

During the wedding ceremony

Sit in a calm and comfortable state. Pray a lot in your heart that the ceremony goes smoothly. Usually the wedding ceremony will start with the reading of the marriage sermon by the kadi. Listen carefully, do not fall asleep! For the groom, after the marriage contract, shake hands first with the kadi and the people around you before performing the sunat syukur prayers. Then, meet with the couple for the ceremony to cancel the prayer water. Put the ring on and hand over the dowry. The groom may be forced to kiss the partner’s forehead, so make sure you can do it well. Then, shake hands with everyone before marching to the wedding venue.

During the wedding

Make sure you follow all the events that have been planned. Welcome guests. Make sure you and your partner maintain a radiant face throughout the ceremony despite fatigue. Do not just sit on the couch. Instead, go down and socialize with guests. Thank you for attending your wedding. Associate with as many guests as possible, do not just focus on close friends. If there is a request, do not be shy to take pictures with guests.

At the end of the wedding day

Your wedding is finally over. Now, you are together with your partner. Show her your love, take care of all her needs. Accompany your husband or wife to hang out and socialize with your family members. Wear appropriate clothing. Rejoice everyone who has helped for your wedding. When the right time comes, invite the couple into the room and enjoy your first night as best you can.

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