What Are the Consequences of a Dirty Truck Scale?

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Maintaining truck scales properly is a smart method to stay in compliance and avoid downtime. If a scale is unclean or has a build-up of trash and material, it can cause inaccuracy and potentially shorten the scale’s life. Some basic maintenance can help you prevent the need for repairs or the purchase of a new truck scale.

Increased Rust and Corrosion Risks

Dirty scales tend to retain moisture. It is critical to allow the scales to dry completely to avoid problems like rust, corrosion, and electrical component damage. Replacing rusted or corroded components rather than conducting preventative maintenance and scale removal might be less cost-effective in the long term. The truck scale and/or the pit may be inspected as part of this maintenance. It’s also a good idea to double-check that the pump(s) in the pit are in excellent operating condition.

Environmental Seasonal Wear and Tear

Rainfall and debris are more likely to be detected in the scale during the spring and fall seasons. It can freeze if left inside if the temperature lowers. The frozen components of the scale might cause the scale to malfunction. Cleaning away trash or frozen water can help avoid damage to vital components like load cells.

Accelerates the deterioration of steel

Dirt, dampness, and debris can cause scales to degrade. If the scale is filthy, it might cause friction and reduce the scale’s life. Friction and binding between the scale and the scale wall will also impact the scale’s readings. Steel deterioration may eventually necessitate the replacement of steel scale components. Cleaning dirt and releasing binds can assist to prolong the life of the scale’s components. Having a grease job done is another technique to extend the life of these parts.

Weight-reading inaccuracy

Dirty scales are more likely to produce erroneous weight findings and cause your scale to weigh outside of tolerance. Having your scales professionally maintained by a competent scale business at times that fit your demands is an efficient means of ensuring your scale remains calibrated and works within tolerance.

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