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What is the duty of a photographer throughout the wedding ceremony

When it comes to photographers, we all know that the main task is to take pictures of the bride during the wedding ceremony. However, to be a photographer it is not easy because the task is very challenging and requires certain skills to ensure the pictures taken are beautiful. So, let me tell you what the photographer did during the wedding.

Photographers should know when the ceremony is taking place.

To be a favorite photographer, one needs to know the important times throughout the ceremony. The three most important moments in a wedding are marriage, sanding and outdoor. Here, the photographer needs to calm down to carry out his duties throughout the ceremony.

Be sensitive to every movement of the bride’s family members

A photographer should be sensitive to every movement of the bride’s family members. This is because, the bride and groom will take turns to take pictures with the bride anywhere either when on the couch or when the bride and groom greet the guests present. Therefore, photographers should be prepared to take pictures of the bride and groom throughout the ceremony.

Arrive 30 minutes early before the ceremony

A photographer should highlight a professional attitude and a positive attitude to ensure that his clients are comfortable and like to cooperate in the future. Professional photographers should arrive at least 30 minutes early before the ceremony begins. This is to ensure that the photographer can analyze the atmosphere of the ceremony and identify beautiful places to take pictures of the bride.

Follow the set program properly

Photographers also need to follow the program set by the bride properly. This is so that the bride and groom are always ready to take pictures. It is very important to ensure that the guests present do not rush to take pictures with the bride.

Tutorial posing to the bride

Everyone knows that the newlyweds will be shy to pose together. As a result, the image of the bride will be stiff and awkward. So it is very important for a photographer to give appropriate posing guidance to the bride.

Make sure pictures of the bride and family members are taken

Photographers should ensure that photos of the bride and family members are recorded. This is because the wedding ceremony is a gathering ceremony between the bride and family members as well as on the day of Aidilfitri and Aidiladha. It’s hard to get together because every family has their own commitments right?

Maximize pictures on the couch / use of the couch

Photographers should also maximize the image on the couch.

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