What is Wall Fan?

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A wall fan is an electronic fan that is specifically positioned on the wall. As the name suggests, a wall fan is perfect for giving coolness to a space with its overall radiance. From one point of inclination, then spread widely to the surrounding side. In addition, this wall fan can be adjusted to emit wind in a certain direction. So, the wall fan operation can be adjusted according to taste.

Position on the wall with sufficient height or vice versa, does not affect the system switch you have. It has been equipped with options for wall fan control, namely the remote and strap type. Remote switches are more practical and flexible because users can operate and set up fans from a short distance or far away. So there is no need to approach where the fan is located. Whereas the strap type requires the user to approach the fan by pulling the rope downwards to find the intended arrangement.

Different switches actually affect the comfort in using outboard fans. Because the wall fan with a remote is more supportive of users without having to move places. The remote also contains several buttons with certain information, so that usage is not constrained. Plus the power in the form of a battery that can be replaced when it runs out. However, the remote model has a part that should be considered, namely the placement of the remote itself. It’s good if placed in a certain position, so don’t forget to use it.

The outboard fan that uses a rope is indeed an older model. Even though it is old school, this series does not confuse users if they want to operate, especially for those who often forget. The user does not need to remove the strap, because the switch is installed automatically and unravels under the fan. It’s just that, apart from the user having to get closer to the fan, the setting process must be patient because it is manual.

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