Working Principle of Progressive Cavity Pump

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PCP’s (progressing cavity pumps) belong to the group of positive displacement pumps. The function depends on the interference fit between an eccentrically rotating rotor and a stable stator, unconnected seal cavities are then formed when the rotor is rotating within the stator, the sealed cavities will move from the entry end, along the axial direction to the exit end of the pump.


The media within the seal cavities will be conveyed from the entry end to the exit end of the pump, and the conveying process of the pump is thus realized. Features of our PC pumps:

  1. Convey media with a high content of solids – up to 70%
  2. Media with different viscosities up to 1.000.000 mPas
  3. It can even convey media containing fibrous materials
  4. The flow rate is directly proportional to the speed and conveyance is pulseless. This allows the pump to be used as a metering pump as well
  5. A PCP is suitable for conveying of shear sensitive media as there is no agitation and pulsation during conveyance
  6. Low vibration and noise emission
  7. Strong suction capability, up to 8m
  8. Special tools are not required as the structure is simple and designed for easy maintenance
  9. The pump is designed in a bidirectional way where the inlet and outlet pump can be inverted to suit the installation requirement
  10. The flowrate ranges from 0.02 m³/h up to 350 m³/h with working pressure up to 4.8 MPa. With a special design we can reach up to 6.0 MPa

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