Comparing Aircon Chemical Cleaning vs Aircon Overhaul

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Yes, your air conditioner is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in your house, and it needs regular maintenance/service to keep it running smoothly. Regular service, as recommended by Malaysian aircon installation companies, extends the life of your AC components.

Without a doubt, an AC that works well and efficiently equals lower energy costs and potentially a longer life lifetime!

Normal air conditioning service is often performed in the same manner as car washing! However, according to a Malaysia aircon installation firm, there are two more effective ways to handle aircon servicing/maintenance. These are the two methods:

  • Cleaning Chemicals for Air Conditioners

The Malaysian aircon repair firm indicates that chemical cleaning is not the same as basic aircon servicing/cleaning!

When you hire professionals for frequent AC service, you may discover that they simply clean the outside of your unit.

But keep in mind that AC chemical cleaning is very different!

According to the aircon installation Malaysia firm, chemical cleaning of AC is the procedure in which you may engage a specialist to clean the coils, air filters, and even water trays with the convenience of a chemical solution! This treatment was highly suggested by aircon servicing Malaysia specialists since it contains components that destroy mildew and other hazardous microorganisms. Aside from that, this chemical-based solution will aid to wash away the dust and filth that has accumulated on the interior parts of your AC unit, enhancing its cooling performance and even saving you money on aircon repair expenses!

Please see their instructions to see if your air conditioner needs chemical maintenance.

So, how can you determine whether your air conditioner needs a chemical wash?

According to aircon installation companies in Malaysia, you should obtain a chemical aircon service of your AC twice a year to increase the lifespan of the unit and enhance the interior air quality!

If you see dust, grime, or debris that is difficult to remove, engage a professional from an aircon maintenance Malaysia firm to undertake AC chemical cleaning right away! Chemical cleaning is the most effective method for reducing corrosion and controlling or eliminating mould!

  • Overhaul of Air Conditioning

AC overhaul is an efficient way of maintaining or repairing air conditioners. If you discover that your air conditioner is not chilling effectively, is producing strange/loud noises, is leaking water, or has ceased performing efficiently, it is time for an overhaul.

Each component of the AC system is dismantled in this technique of cleaning and must be cleaned correctly, fixed, or replaced. The specialists at aircon installation Malaysia can tell you if your equipment needs a comprehensive overhaul or if a simple chemical cleaning would suffice!

If you notice any difficulties with the performance of your air conditioner, you should contact a professional right once to avoid aircon repair charges. Keep in mind that putting off AC service might lead to major difficulties!

Overhaul helps in dealing with the challenges presented!

  • It deals with vent blockages caused by the collection of dust particles or hazardous muck.
  • This approach is used to deal with drain pipe blockages that cause water to overflow.
  • Furthermore, this cleaning procedure addresses the significant damage to the evaporator coils.
  • It’s useful since the fan’s bearings aren’t operating correctly.
  • Furthermore, this way of cleaning will benefit broken or damaged air filters.

Keep in mind that once the components are disassembled, the technician will conduct a comprehensive inspection of each one. It’s highly likely that some components will need repairs based on their condition, while others may need a complete replacement!

Once your AC system undergoes an overhaul, you can bid farewell to any concerns about it in the future!

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