Focus 4 of these important things as an emcee

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Today they at MCJO Academy will share the important things that as a professional emcee should focus on as an emcee or solicitor. In any case, FOCUS is very important so that important and ‘crucial’ things are not missed.

1. Focus on emcee text

As an emcee, the focus on ‘text emcee’ is very important. Emcee text is the ‘life line’ or tools used by an emcee. Regardless of the professional, text emcees need to be available and provided for you to look professional and minimize mistakes.

In the text of the emcee, focus on ‘Salutation’ Why is it important? because it will reflect your credibility as an event emcee even more so it involves the dignitaries in the formal ceremony. Don’t misread the name or the VIP title.

The most important tip about this emcee text is to make sure your emcee text is easy to read regardless of font, size and so on as it is most important and comfortable for you. How do I fit in? Because he always practiced.

2. Focus on guests & vvip

As a good emcee, focus should also be given to guests or vvip. Eye contact is very important. As an emcee you must be sensitive to the surroundings especially guests & vvip. It’s very important that you ‘sync’ with the text and the atmosphere.

For example, when invoking a vvip name during a ‘salutation’ session, you can look up the vvip face and smile as soon as the vvip is mentioned. This will show that you are a serious and focused emcee who not only reads the text of the emcee, but also appreciates and focuses on vvip.

3. Focus and alert with time

As a time emcee it is very important to adapt to the current state of the event. At the official event the highlight of the event was the opening speech and the gimmick and of course the focus was on the event.

So if you do not control the time, the event will definitely fall apart or run out of original plans. It can appeal to many parties. Among others, when it comes to being an emcee at a wedding, the timing is crucial as every flow or activity needs to be in order and smoothly. So the role of the emcee to focus on time is also a very important thing.

Imagine if the original plan of the wedding arrived was at 12:30 pm, but the bride had not yet arrived. What did you say as an emcee? So here is the need to also focus on time so that the schedule and schedule of the program is kept up to date.

4. Focus on PIC for emcees

It’s not that many do. We strongly recommend that you have a PIC (Person In Charge) for any occasion. This is very important to help you stay focused on the occasion and any information you receive is accurate and clear Why is PIC important for emcees?

It is important that the emcee does not ‘fade’ and most importantly the PIC will provide a signal to the emcee based on the program. Enjoy your PIC’s ‘button’.

If no PIC? The main problem is to dump info and information that will only confuse and trouble the emcee.

For example, at the wedding, the bride’s uncle asked her to present the guests as an example of a dignitary while the flow was different. Then the aunt came and asked her to announce it. So emcee will be mistaken and receive a dump.

So with the existence of the PIC, all this information was passed to the PIC and the PIC which will arrange and inform the emcee so it is not the focus of the emcee on the occasion. You understand?

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