Full Time Baking Course Malaysia

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Velford Academy deliver outstanding Diploma in Baking courses that exceed our students’ expectations, world-leading industrial required skills.

Everyone that looking for a career as a chef pastry chef or baker head, Velford Academy is providing baking and pastry arts diploma course with 90% practical and 10% theories knowledge to elevate your skills to a professional level. It comes with 13 months study period including 3 months local internship and 1 week in Taiwan University.

In this Diploma Baking Course, you will learn various baking and pastry related skills. We will train you to be ready to work.

Duration: 13 months (Including 3 months Local Internship + 1 week in Taiwan University)

Days: Mon – Fri

Time: 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm

Qualification: 16 years old and above

Courses Outlines

  • Bread Making Techniques
  • Cake Baking & Design
  • Cookies, Tarts & Pie Baking
  • Fresh Cream Cake Decorating & Design
  • Fondant Cake Baking & Design
  • Sugar Art & Sculpture
  • Chocolate Bon Bon & Praline
  • Entremets & Petits Gateaux
  • Bread Showpiece Techniques
  • Chocolate Showpiece Techniques
  • Barista & Latte Art

For more information about Full Time Baking Course Malaysia, please visit  https://www.velfordacademy.com/

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