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Aluminium Die Casting

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STX manufactures various aluminum components for various industries with a total number of machines from 135 tonnes to 900 & 1250 tonnes. The   die-casting pressure is a process in which the liquid metal alloy is injected under high pressure into a steel mold (or tool), and strengthens rapidly (in milliseconds) to form clean-form components and then extracted automatically

The die-casting tool will typically produce any number of components from hundreds to thousands, before requiring replacement.

Benefits of STX Precision die-casting:

  • Cost-effective mass production
  • Value engineering minimize secondary process and machining cost
  • Manufacture of complicated 3D shapes
  • Consistent quality over high volumes
  • Tight tolerances achieved as cast
  • Minimal draft angles on internal features
  • Good tool maintenance / longer tool die life
  • Lower tool cost using multi-slide process

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