How to Overcome a Copier Loading

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After knowing what are the parts that can be the cause of the copier that is loading continuously, you also have to know how to solve it. Try to see the explanation below.

1. RAM

The first thing to check during continuous loading conditions is the RAM section. Try grabbing the RAM portion of your copier. Then clean the yellow part of the RAM using a cloth. Wipe slowly until you think the area is clean. After that, return the RAM part back to the copier.


After cleaning RAM, you try to take the DIIM ROM from the copier. If this one part still looks normal and okay, you can just clean it. However, if the condition looks bad, then the only option is to replace the DIIM ROM.

3. Machine Hard Drive

The hard drive is the most important part of the copier. This part of the hard disk is very influential, so when the copier is damaged, the data stored on the hard disk can be lost. So if the hard drive looks damaged, it must be replaced immediately so that the photocopier can be used again.

4. Heating

Photocopiers are also the most vulnerable to damage in the heater. If an error occurs because the machine is loading continuously, then try checking this heating section. If the heating part is damaged, it can make the copier unusable and continue to display the loading process.

5. Thermistor And Sub Thermistor

Thermistor and sub thermistor are parts of the heater. When these two parts are dirty, it can make the copier become an error and unusable. You can clean it with alcohol or Brasso liquid until clean. Then wait for it to dry before putting it back in the copier.

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