Injection Molding techniques

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Injection molding is the formation of thermoplastic materials where the melted material due to heating is injected by the plunger into a mold which is cooled by water so that it hardens.

Injection molding is a machine used to mold plastics with an injection molding system.

injection molding processes include:

  • Clamping, this process is carried out to hold the two prints together. The clamp is the mold holder that is subjected to pressure during the injection and cooling processes.
  • When injecting plastic material, it is usually in the form of granules or pellets, then it is filled in a pouring channel container or hoper located at the top of the machine unit. These granules are put into a cylinder to be heated until they melt. Inside the cylinder (barrel) there is a screw (rotating) machine that mixes the liquid granules and pushes the mixture to the end of the cylinder. After the material has accumulated at the end of the screw, then the injection process is carried out. The melted plastic is put into the nozzle injector mold, the pressure and speed are regulated by the screw.
  • Calming, after the injection, it is necessary to calm for a moment so that the plastic that has been injected into the mold is pressed and then held to ensure that all sides of the mold cavity are completely filled.
  • Cooling, the plastic is cooled in the mold to get its solid form in the mold. In this process, at the same time refilling the plastic material from the happer into the barrel with a rotating screw.
  • The mold is opened, the clamp unit is opened which separates the two halves of the mold, then removing it with a pen and an injector plate that pushes and takes out the printout.

Many of the equipment produced by injection molding machines is in the form of household appliances, car parts (dash and body), and electrical equipment.

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