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What To Do When Your Maid Suffers Ill-Health

Just like you also fall sick, your Filipino maids in Malaysia are also humans and they fall sick. One mindset you need to do away with is that your maids in Malaysia are pretending to be sick, what if they are actually not pretending and desperately need medical attention? To be on the safer side, it’s better to include your phillipines maid in Malaysia in your health insurance plan. It may also be according to the laid down guideline of the maid agency service to know how to cater for the health of your maid in Malaysia. 

In a 2015 survey by Singapore’s today online, mental ill health seems to be prevalent among maids in Malaysia, you should prepare health insurance for your phillipines maid in Malaysia in case of such occurrence. It is your responsibility to help your maid in Malaysia get access to quality healthcare. In 2016, an employer had to raise around $86,000 to help their maid get the best of medical care. The maid has worked with the employer for around 25 years and without an agency. This article will outline what you need to do as an employer when your maid suffers ill health; 

  1. Take Action Immediately

Don’t leave anything to chance when your maid in Malaysia suffers ill health, take action immediately by ensuring the maid in Malaysia have access to the best of healthcare available. If it’s more of an injury, apply first aid immediately, then seek professional medical assistance for your maid. Always take time to listen to your maid to know whatever health issues they have. 

  1. Always Consult The Maids Agency In Malaysia

The Maids Agency in Malaysia should be your first point of contact when your maid suffers ill health. This will be according to your terms with the maid agency in Kuala Lumpur. They must be one of the first to be in the know in the event of ill-health. Never put the maid agency in Malaysia in the dark concerning the health of your maids in Malaysia. The maid agency will direct on the best line of action. 

  1. Never Take Your Maid in Malaysia Off Your Health Insurance

This could be a very costly mistake in the long run. If you have made such mistake, fix it immediately. The length of stay of the maids in Malaysia shouldn’t be a reason why you should think they won’t need healthcare. Place them in the same premium health insurance plan your family is on. 

  1. Allow The Maid to Relax and Rest During This Period

The ill-health could have been triggered by stress, which means you maids in Malaysia will need quality time resting. During the period of treatment and afterwards, you should allow the maid to rest. This will provide their body ample time to recuperate from sickness. Never assume they are alright, ask if they are before assigning new tasks to the maid in Malaysia. 

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