Picture Tips Look Interesting Ahead Of Happiness Day “King Of The Day”

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This is a way of posing so that you look attractive during a photo session on your happy day. For women, the way of taking pictures and the way of posing is very important to look stylish and beautiful. Here we share 9 ways to pose to look skinny.

Beautiful hanging

Snap a picture of your wedding dress hanging before you wear it. This is to showcase the structure in its most beautiful form.

Embroidery Details / Accessories

Close-up shot for every detail of the wedding dress to show off its beauty. Maybe on the button on the wrist, fine lace embroidery, ropol on the neck or on the vel.

Picture From Behind

Most of your pictures only show the front. The pictures from the back look more attractive because most of the back looks more prominent and stylish.

Take pictures candid or Spontaneous

Meaning when you are walking to the couch or are playing with cloth. Most candid shoot that shows your happiest and happiest moment.

Train Shot

If your wedding dress has a row of fabrics lined up like a train, a train shot is worth a try. This is to show the most amazing aspects and even highlight beautiful clothes.


Your wedding dress may be a highlight, but it is not wrong to show off those beautiful cream white shoes. Show a little by lifting the fabric to look sweet and seductive in the picture.

Sit Shy Shy

blushed malay girl with a sweet face facing down. Such a shot transforms yourself into a fairytale princess.

Take a picture with a romantic couple

There is nothing happier when in addition to your beloved human being, your husband. You can take a picture of the dress in her arms, if possible leave it spontaneous and not scripted.

With Clamps

After the ceremony, take a picture of your happy time with the loyal escort girl in addition to from the beginning of the ceremony to the end. This is the time you want to show full pictures of wedding dresses and bridal friends who are no less beautiful like you.

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