Professional Emcee Training Center

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Master’s Council ‘(better known as’ emcee) is an important person in the ceremony. Emcee is the person who is leading the event. The role of the council or Emcee will determine the success or failure of an event. The council will be bland and less focused on what emcee convey, ineffective and unaffected


– 1. Develop an individual understanding the ways and skills to accompany the event.

– 2. Adding basic knowledge and skills in the area of ​​hosting the council.

– 3. Help build self confidence in carrying out duties as emcee.

– 4. Demonstrate how to prepare the correct speech script, setting up the concept of council hosting.

– 5. Improve image and self-styling.

– 6. Produce emcee capable of formal and informal functions.

– 7. Retrieve talented new emcee talents.

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