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Metal Deck

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The main function of the roof is to protect the house from the heat, the rain and to protect the homeowner from any disturbance

Since many do not know about this roof, today they want to share a little knowledge about this roof. Functionality and quality must be prioritized in order for the home to be safe

Some of the material below has been a great choice for many. Let’s find out more about choosing a roof for your home


  • This material is very common and is of particular interest as it is cheap and lasts longer
  • Made in a dense manner, shaped, and burned.
  • In its use, it needs a frame and is fitted with the right tilt.

Metal deck

  • It uses a variety of uses such as roofs, fences and walls.
  • Most residential homes today use metal decks as they are very strong, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to install.
  • It acts as an insulator. This means it does not cause fungal growth and is resistant to insect attacks.

Ceramic roof

  • It is durable, durable and requires no repainting.
  • This roof installation requires a minimum of 30 degrees to allow rainwater to flow and not leak.

Roof fiber

  • Made from a mixture of fibers, cement and roofing materials.
  • It is not easily leaked and has better sunlight absorption
  • In terms of installation, it takes a short time as it is wider and lighter to install.

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