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It is the responsibility of each Company to keep up to date with the Financial Statements. The Tax Statement Form is a document that every businessman, a taxpayer, needs to submit to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB). This includes tax information such as tax definitions, how to fill out a tax form and what forms a taxpayer needs to complete according to the business. Our services are provided by consulting and advisory services in maximizing business profitability and minimizing the tax impact on the business or the Company.


Compliance, tax advice and tax planning for companies, registered entities, partnerships, joint ventures and individuals including:

  • Corporate, sole proprietorship and income tax partnership
  • Employee income tax
  • Real estate tax credit

In light of the changes in the complexity of tax law, our tax services will help corporate and individual customers reduce tax liability and maximize tax benefits and assistance, as well:

  • Provide annual tax returns
  • Provides tax calculation
  • Advise in tax liability
  • Tax planning for companies
  • Review and analysis of taxpayer books & records
  • Identify weaknesses that may be of interest to the IRB
  • Provides records and documentation for compliance with tax laws and the need to reduce audit impacts
  • Respond to IRB audit inquiries and formulate calculations to ensure taxpayer’s interest is protected


Tax audit is a new activity introduced by the IRB under the Self Assessment System. The choice of case for audit depends on the analysis conducted by the IRB and the information they can receive. This is in line with the IRB’s goal of auditing 20% ​​of all taxpayers annually. We can help you prepare for any possible tax audit and also help you respond to the IRB if the audit is performed on you.

In addition, they have the expertise to provide calculations and other relevant operations if you are subject to full investigation.

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