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Understand the 5 Types of Exhaust Fan for Each Room

Having a healthy home is everyone’s dream. In addition to cleaning the house regularly, ideally a house must have an exhaust fan and a good air circulation system so that all occupants of the house can breathe fresh air and avoid contaminated dirty air.

In the modern era, you are not only given the option to install a traditional air circulation system through a window, but can also apply mechanical ventilation systems such as exhaust fans to channel fresh, clean air, and remove odors in the house efficiently and quickly.Consisting of various types, you should know each variation of the exhaust fan so that it can be installed in the right room. For those of you who are not yet familiar, let’s take a look at the types of exhaust fans available in the following markets!

  1. Exhaust Fan Ceiling

Suitable to be installed on the ceiling of a room that is not equipped with an open area such as a kitchen, this exhaust fan model is connected to an air exhaust channel called the Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHR) which you can place in the attic and pipes as air outlet outside the house.

Meanwhile, exhaust fans that are installed on the ceiling today consist of various brands and sizes of fans, ranging from 8 inches, 10 inches, to 12 inches. Before installing it, make sure you adjust it to the area of ​​the room so that the air circulation process can run optimally.

2. Wall Exhaust Fan

Most commonly found in Indonesia, this wall exhaust fan model has a relatively simple installation process. With a simple way of working, it can remove dirty, smelly and stuffy air by throwing it outside the house without having to install pipes.

Ideally, an exhaust fan that is mounted on the wall is directly opposite the open area, suitable for installation in the dining room or kitchen which not only allows you to enjoy clean air, but adds a modern look to the room.

3. Window Exhaust Fan

To maintain the freshness of the air in the room, living room or family room, you can use an exhaust fan that is installed in the window of the house. You can attach this model to a glass window that has a thickness ranging from 3-7 mm and faces an open area so that dirty air from inside the room can be immediately thrown out.

Meanwhile, if you want to install this exhaust fan in a room that is not directly facing the open area, make sure to install it face to face in a larger room.

4. Inline Exhaust Fan

Unlike other types, the inline exhaust fan has several components, namely an inner filter, an outer filter, a suction fan, and a pipe. Its purpose is to suck water vapor and dirty air from rooms that do not have access to open spaces outside the building.

The exhaust fan is installed in the middle of the duct connecting the inner filter and the outer filter, allowing a room to connect to an open area. Therefore, this model is very suitable for use in bathrooms or rooms that are isolated from the outside.

5. Exhaust Fan in Cooker Hood

Finally, the exhaust fan in the form of a cooker hood that you can specifically attach to a cooking appliance such as a stove. This model works strongly to get rid of smoke, steam, and odors generated from the cooking process in the kitchen and can maximize the performance of the exhaust fan on the ceiling or wall so that dirty smoke is removed more quickly.

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