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 Wedding Theme

 Wedding Theme Malaysia

One of the services they provide to future bride is as a Wedding Consultant. Their  main task is to ensure that all planning of the event is smooth and become a coordinator on the day of the ceremony.

If only the high-income group or the VVIP group only used this wedding consultant. Now anyone can use this service because of the busy schedule of the bride and family to manage the planning of the ceremony.

Before you choose to get a wedding consultant from them.

Here they provide wedding consultant tasks here:

1.Acting as a planner of the council with the following advice and suggestions:

  • The whole budget of the council
  • Number of invitations for catering reservations
  • The number of invitation cards to be printed
  • Location selection either at the hall or at home
  • Selection of themes and concepts for clothing, décor decorations and space decorations
  • Providing event program

2. Act as Personal Assistant to remind you of your appointment with the bridal boutiques and food taste sessions.

3. On the day of the council acting as council coordinator who ensured the event program was observed and ensured the wedding ceremony went smoothly.

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