Which PC and Laptop Is Worth It ?

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Desktop PC and Laptop are two different things, but have the same function. Some of us say that a laptop, notebook and so on have the same function as what is common with Desktop PCs. When we ask, is a laptop the same as a desktop. This is of course a question, do you compare certain types of laptops and desktops, or overall. There are some advantages to a laptop but not to a desktop, so let’s find out more about the differences between a desktop PC and a laptop

Laptop: Purpose & Function

Some of us call it a laptop, notebook and also related to other factors related to shape, flexibility and so on, basically it is just a laptop with a specific advantage. Laptops come with one purpose which is easy to carry anywhere. You are free to carry your laptop anywhere without worrying about the source of electricity because it is equipped with a battery that can last for several hours. This is one of the advantages of a laptop. With this advantage, it greatly simplifies our affairs whether at the project site, school and also in public areas or in cafes.

When we ask is the specification the same as the desktop? The answer is no, although some are the same, but basically, laptops come with a special device value with a smaller power level, ranging from processor options, clockspeed, GPU, RAM and so on. As the world of technology evolves today, we sometimes see the choice of laptop specifications almost the same as the desktop version. For example, the same graphics processor on a laptop is smaller than a desktop even though the model is the same, but the curves and design are different.

Desktop PC: Purpose & Function

Desktop is a computer with certain specifications just like a laptop as well, the main purpose is to help us do office work, graphics and so on. However. it cannot be carried anywhere because of its large size and not compact. As for those of us who are able to take it anywhere, we are too tied to the cable that must be plugged into the power source. a desktop comes with maximum capabilities from every corner device, where you can see how it uses electrical power just to move its main component which is the processor unit. What’s more if you see a processor today that has such a large number of cores, then it comes with a very large power value.

However, it comes with the maximum advantage for someone who wants “performance” that is much better than a laptop when it needs a bit “heavy” work. Some of us need a desktop for different purposes such as gaming, rendering and so on in a short time, computer component manufacturers are racing to produce a much better processor with the added value of each large core. What’s more, if you need an overclocking process, the addition of the cooling system should be upgraded and will certainly give positive results, where this can not be done in a laptop.

So, which is better between a Desktop PC and a laptop?

So, in general, I choose Desktop, but, compared to the factor “portable” or easy to carry anywhere, of course my choice is Laptop. Before making a decision. There are some notes that I want to share with you when making a comparison between desktop PC and laptop, among them are:

  • If you look at the price, say a laptop and desktop with the highest price budget, then a desktop PC is much better than a laptop. Because with the budget, you can get a better choice of processor, memory and GPU. Unlike a Laptop, although it is offered with an expensive price option with very high specifications, it remains a laptop with a choice of time, specification value, and limited space and size.
  • If the “portability” factor is your priority, then a laptop is much more ideal and the best choice. Because, it can be taken anywhere, let alone the latest design and shape that is thin and light can easily be placed in a handbag for example. This is different from desktop PCs, it can not be taken anywhere because it is limited to electrical sources.

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