Why Do You Need To Have A Backup Compressor As A Support?

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The air compressor is the main engine used for production in millions of businesses around the world. In fact, compressed air is so important to these facilities that it is often called the “fourth utility”! Most production cannot function without its utilities such as electricity, water and gas – and this is true of compressed air too. These utility downtime costs need to be considered in your air system. Is it important enough to procure a backup unit? Is the spare unit just sitting around and ‘doing nothing’?

if your business relies heavily on compressed air to operate, production will stop, leading to loss of output, possible loss of production lines, and costly downtime then you will need onsite backup units. Remember that it can take a long time before a service technician calls you to complete the repair! And without a backup compressor available for immediate use, lost time, money, and productivity temporarily between unexpected shutdowns and backups running can be devastating for business profits.

It’s a shame, but even the best equipment can experience a service life during which machines often have to be stopped. This means having a compressor system, complete with a backup compressor, is very important. Being proactive and buying one now, not when problems occur, is the smartest business decision – especially when you consider the costs versus the consequences of not having one. Additional benefits? Having a spare compressor means that maintenance can be carried out most of the time, rather than outside working hours or during the holidays or weekends when production isn’t done!

The worry of a compressor stopping and doing nothing can also be eliminated by load sharing. This allows the compressor cycle to have an even working time on each compressor. Simple controls allocate uptime evenly allowing each machine to more efficiently deploy work and maintenance cycles for your business while protecting production uptime.

So in conclusion, why is it important to have a backup unit?

  1. To minimize the negative impact on production caused by unexpected downtime.
  2. Schedule maintenance on your main compressor at any time.
  3. Use the main air compressor and backup air compressor in your application through load sharing.

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